RHYTHM, Harmony, & Balance

RHYTHM, Harmony, & Balance

RHYTHM, Harmony, & BalanceRHYTHM, Harmony, & BalanceRHYTHM, Harmony, & Balance

"We want athletes to become ambassadors for themselves, their family, community and country."  

-- Michael Blair 


​In our many years of experience in athletics, the phrase 90% mental and 10% physical resonate still in our minds today. Here at Ninety10 Sports, we train athletes through cerebral development. The athlete will be immersed DEEPLY into the mental side of the game, as well as mastering his/her executive functioning skills. This will prepare you and give you an advantage for the transition from grade school to high school and high school to college.  The best athlete is both Intelligent and athletic.  As an athlete you will be taught to “THINK LIKE A COACH” while competing in your sport.  

We also offer a program with regards to life after sport.  Putting it simply, this means helping those athletes who have finished competing in sport and are now trying to transition to compete in life without sport.  The transition from being a collegiate or professional athlete to a former athlete is always difficult, and we have created a detailed program entailing all that comes with this often forgotten challenge.


  • We take a holistic approach which involves educating the athlete on the strategic virtues of the game with parallel learning that ensures success not only in the sport but in life as well.

  • We test and measure skills, knowledge and ability of the student athletes.
  • We prepare the student athletes, parents, and coaches for life during and beyond sports by providing executive functioning skills necessary to be successful in any chosen career path.
  • We inform parents, student-athletes, and coaches on rules of the game, recruiting, health and safety.


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